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“Start a blog”

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James Van Dyne reminds to start a blog:

Over the years I tried to start back up again. “I should blog more”, I’d tell myself. I’d always try to focus on writing “evergreen” content or writing “professional” content and after a short burst, stop.

Discovering the IndieWeb helped remind me that I’m writing for me on my blog. It doesn’t have to always be professional all the time. This past year or two regularly blogging again has helped me remember just how magical the internet is. That I can write something in Japan and people find it and respond to it from all over the world – all using open-standards – brings a smile to my face.

That is exactly what motivates me as well. Evergreen content? I’m not in the mood for that. But personal blogging, that’s fun! And it’s also interesting to read other people’s personal blogs and get an insight into their lives, see other perspectives or get inspiration.

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