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“A Day in the Life of Your Data”

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Honestly, I don’t quite believe Apple is that altruistic and actually cares about the privacy of their customers and users, rather I think it’s driven by a desire for even more profits. Apple has jumped on the privacy bandwagon because it’s financially rewarding.

Nevertheless, it is of course a good thing when Apple points out privacy problems and tries to do something about it. For example, a PDF file describes a father’s day with his daughter and the moments in which the advertising industry continues to expand their advertising profiles.

My privacy strategy entirely without Apple products: Ad blocker (uBlock Origin) in every browser (even on my phone), no unnecessary apps installed, no social media, FOSS softwares wherever there are good ones and customized privacy settings where they exist (e.g. to disable personalized ads).

Because an iPhone with Instagram on it is no better than a (Google) Android smartphone without Instagram.


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