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I just learned about GameSnacks. GameSnacks is an experiment by Google’s Area 120, its “in-house incubator”.1

GameSnacks offers small HTML5 games, some of which are quite similar to successful apps (Tiger Run resembles Subway Surfers quite a lot). They are optimized to run on devices with limited resources and slow network, such as phones with only 1 GB of RAM.

Now GameSnacks games are to be integrated into other Google services. I wonder what games are supposed to do in a payment app, but if Google wants to do that…

Maybe it’s still better to use HTML5 games in a browser with an ad blocker (Firefox on Android with uBlock Origin) than to actually install game apps. Not only does this save storage space, but it also makes it easy to block ads and prevent tracking.

I don’t really play games at all, but maybe GameSnacks is an idea when I’m bored. And then there are also HTML5 games in Telegram.

  1. The question is whether Google itself is not just experimenting, as often as services are discontinued? ↩︎


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