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Today I learned about RSS by email, a service that let’s you subscribe to RSS feeds by email.

I have already considered several times, if I should create a way that people can follow my blog also via email. But I have encountered several problems:

  1. My email provider has (legitimately) a limit on emails that can be sent per minute / hour / day, I should probably not exhaust that, I need email also for other things as well.
  2. Services that offer such features (like Mailchimp) are not privacy friendly and also quite expensive.
  3. There are services for sending transactional mails cheaply, but blog updates are not in this category.

The only solution, if I don’t want to set up my own mail server again and then deal with the usual spam problems, is to give people who want to follow my blog by email a service themselves. RSS by email is such a service.

Unfortunately, I can’t find out much more about this service except that Julian Cook launched it during the lockdown. So use it at your own risk.

Update: Another service for RSS to email is Feedrabbit. (Thanks John!)


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