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“Legacy without nostalgia”

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Basecamp ended their blog “Signal v Noise” and DHH shares a few thoughts about it.

I’m just not a nostalgic person. In fact, I’m deeply skeptical of nostalgia. It too often feels like a trap to romanticize the past at the expense of the future. If you fall in love with who you once were, it’s too easy to forget to keep going. I want to keep going.

On the flipside, I enjoy the idea of a legacy. But as milestones in the rearview mirror. There to remind you of where you were, but without any obligation to stop and linger and fawn over every one. 20, 21, 22… Keep going.

I share these thoughts. I guess I had similar thoughts when I ended my Android blog appydroid several years ago (there are still a few post from a relaunch attempt) or my Android development focused Medium publication AndroidPub last year. Sometimes it’s just necessary to draw a line and focus on the present and the future instead. My blog currently gives me a lot of pleasure.



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