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The Verge’s executive editor left Twitter

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Yey, I’m not the only person who is happy to quit using Twitter. The Verge executive editor T.C. Sottek left Twitter as well.

This past weekend, a thought passed through my mind in the shape of a tweet and I felt the urge to tweet it. But I couldn’t, so I didn’t. And as the thought drifted away from me, I felt lighter. It wasn’t put on a permanent record. I didn’t stop to watch my phone and see if anyone else would acknowledge it. I let it go, closed my eyes, and felt the sun on my face.

The birds in my backyard tweeted approvingly.

In my opinion, a few more tech journalists/bloggers could join this. It’s only when you stop using Twitter that you realize how often Twitter is referenced in this space. Unfortunately, the same is true for software developers. Instead of mentioning their own website, they often just mention their Twitter usernames.


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