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“Building A Self-Hosted Journal”

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In addition to Colin Walker and myself, Kev Quirk now seems to be using blogging software for journaling as well. Wordpress, self-hosted on his NAS.

So I went with what I know best… WordPress!

I can easily run WordPress on my Synology and with the WordPress app on my phone/tablet, it would be trivial to add posts every day. Originally I wasn’t going to expose my journal to the Internet, but if I wanted to use the WordPress app, I needed to. Plus, being able to add entries to my journal from anywhere is really helpful.

Do you write a journal? If so, I’d love to hear about what platform you use for writing yours.

Before I started using GoBlog for journal writing, I already searched several times for dedicated services. DayOne was one of them, but what kept me away was their focus on Apple products and neglect of the Android app.

And in the end, it might be better for security and privacy reasons not to leave your diary in the hands of a third party service, but to keep control of it yourself.

Maybe in the long run I’ll manage to make GoBlog even simpler than WordPress and thus offer an even easier option to take blogging and journaling into your own hands.

By the way: I’m still writing my journal, already 113 entries! I’ve never lasted that long before.


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