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“The Untold Story of SQLite”

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I like listening to interviews with SQLite developer Richard Hipp (as you may know). He’s a great storyteller and you can always learn something new from him. This podcast episode is no exception.

But I’m also very fascinated by SQLite itself. Just this morning I read this document on Query Planning and this document on the SQLite Query Optimizer is still on my reading list. The former also made me want to improve a few places in GoBlog today, so that database queries can happen more efficiently.

One interesting aspect from the podcast:

Now, if you’re working on something else, though, maybe not so much, and so, [Git is] a perfectly atrocious version control system for working for SQLite. Fossil is absolutely the perfect version control system for working in SQLite, and I wrote it for that purpose, and so, because I wrote it myself, it exactly meets my needs and is the perfect product for what it’s doing, so by doing things yourself, you control your own destiny, you have more freedom, you’re not dependent upon third parties.

Exactly my spirit (and the reason why I developed my own blog software, my own link shortener and my own form mailer)!

Will he also develop his own mail server?

Right now, I’m having some trouble with Gmail. I know that when we were setting up this meeting, you noted that a lot of the attempts to reach me by Gmail are bouncing back, and I’ve been struggling to figure out how to solve that, and so now, where does my mind go naturally?

I’m going to write my own mail server.



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