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I subscribe to the Hacker News front page via RSS. There is a lot of stuff there that I just mark as read without taking a closer look. But sometimes something catches my eye and I take a closer look. Today “Show HN: A tool to send push notifications to your phone, written in Go” is one of them.

ntfy.sh is a service or an open-source software that can be self-hosted to send and receive messages, e.g. notifications. A similar tool seems to be Gotify, as I could see in the comments.

ntfy.sh can be used without registration and messages can be sent with a simple HTTP request and received via Android app or Curl (among other methods).

Until now, I have always used Telegram for such purposes. But it doesn’t hurt to have an even simpler alternative. I have also added support for ntfy.sh directly to GoBlog and will test that over the next weeks.


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