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How many things do I own?

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Even though starting my job has put me in a situation where I can sometimes afford stuff just like that, and maybe buy the occasional thing without thinking much when I should have before, I still make sure to keep the number of things I own low.

Especially with my upcoming move, I hope to only need a few boxes for all my stuff.

Matt D’Avella, filmmaker and minimalism YouTuber, recently went through the trouble of counting and categorizing all of his stuff in his entire home.

While I’m not yet at the stage where I can claim to really only own things I use or enjoy, somehow I find it an exciting idea and am seriously considering doing the experiment before my move as well. In the end, I have to go through all the things once anyway and consider whether I still need them and want to take them with me to the new apartment, or whether I sell, give away or discard them.


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