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“HTML compression on popular websites”

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Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/710
AI generated summary: Approximately 8% of the top 10 thousand websites do not compress their HTML, resulting in unnecessary transmitted data and wasted energy.

Danny van Kooten did an interesting experiment and checked the top 10 thousand websites whether they are compressing their HTML. About 8% of them do not apply any kind of compression, resulting in many terabytes of unnecessary transmitted data, not helping to save energy.

In addition to enabling compression, with GoBlog I also took care to minify the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to reduce the number of transmitted bytes even more. (Probably wasting more energy in the process, than it will ever save.)

But enabling compression is a first good step. Check your website, if you have one. Enabling GZIP is straightforward with most web servers.


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