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“Cloudflare loses 22% of its domains in Freenom .tk shutdown”

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Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/744
AI generated summary: I reminisce about starting with free .tk domains in high school due to budget constraints and no credit card. Upon realizing .tk's untrustworthy reputation, I transitioned to more credible .eu domains, like appydroid.eu, and later diversified across various TLDs, though not all were retained.

Reading about Freenom and .tk domains brings back memories: The first domains I registered were free .tk domains because I was too cheap to pay for domains as a high school student and also had no credit card to do so.

But as soon as I noticed that .tk domains were considered untrustworthy (and I finally had options to pay for domains), I moved on to another TLD, .eu. I still have all the .eu domains (like appydroid.eu) from back then.

When I discovered other registrar options, I also registered domains across many other TLDs. But I did not keep all of them, some domains are already deleted for a long time.



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