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AI generated summary: Discover diverse blogs on ooh.directory, including non-tech perspectives. Challenge yourself to explore new views and experiences beyond your usual feed. Embrace open-mindedness and broaden your blogging horizons.

Recently, I came across ooh.directory. A blog directory that lists blogs from all sorts of categories. (My blog is listed there, too).

I’ve been trying to diversify my feed list a bit. Right now, it’s mostly white men and mostly tech. But limiting myself to those topics isn’t ideal. I want to stay open-minded, I want to explore new things, I want to hear from people who have different views or experiences.

Sure, to write a blog, you have to have the curiosity to learn how to set one up. Many have chosen to just post on social media. And for techies, it’s usually easier to set up a website.

But that’s why it’s especially interesting to read blogs from non-tech people.

ooh.directory has already helped me discover some new blogs, so maybe it can help you too.



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