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Try Doing It “Different”

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… and make it enjoyable again

Writing may suck when you did it too often and when you’re out of ideas.

But it doesn’t need to suck.

Try a different way.

Be creative.

You don’t need to fill the internet with just another 10-min-story with no special content.

Sometimes 100 words are enough.

Enough to tell your idea.

Enough to make the readers thinking about it.

Enough to achieve something.

I got bored about writing long, boring, meaningless stories, that just get read by a hand full of people. Because my English sucks, because I’m not the best writer or just because I don’t have any idea that rocks.

But should I stop writing?

Should I give up one of my favorite hobbies?

Just because I seem to fail?


When you’re stuck, when your failing, you need to reinvent the thing you’re doing. When you’re failing at painting pictures, just throw away your way of doing it and start something completely new and different.

Same when your trying to write a song and it isn’t good. Stop trying and trying it again the same way that let you fail. Restart it with new creativity, new methods and you’ll rock.

Being stuck and getting bored is the strongest indicator that it just sucks. And exploring new ways is the best possibility to break out of this cycle.

Take the slogan of Nike and say to yourself:

Just do it!

And do it different this time.


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