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“I Just Enjoy Writing”

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Random thoughts about the positive aspects about random writing — all randomly

It’s Sunday evening, I’m sitting in front of my laptop. Enjoying. Trough writing.

My brain is fucked. Although I didn’t do so much today (some hours for physics homework, learning etc.) I can’t do anything anymore. Except writing of course.

I need to clean up my head by letting out those feelings. Telling the word about my pain. I need to distract myself a bit, too focus again after that. There’s still a lot to do for me.

I don’t want to imagine how it’ll feel when my final exams start in just about 5 weeks. Not long time till then and I didn’t even start learning, the real learning. 😒

Nevertheless I need some time to relax first. It’s not avoidable, that it’ll be a very hard time soon, but I need to refill some energy before I start that fight and begin to becoming more a machine than a human.

Writing gives me this energy. Ok, it totally depends on what kind of writing you do. Doing my German (my native language) homework isn’t that enjoyable — all those interpretations I’m very annoyed by. But writing down your thoughts is this kind of writing that relaxes you. Also writing with no spelling checks (first round) is very cool, because just noting your ideas is now all that matters. It’s like talking to someone, who just listens to you, maybe your best friend?

Even if I won’t publish this piece of text here, writing it was still a good thing. Writing just randomly (like I do now — and there’s so much random in the subtitle) frees your mind, makes space for new and exciting things. And also a cool side effect is, that I train myself writing. Improving my skills of building well sounding sentences and choosing the right words to express my feelings. As I mentioned, English is also not my native language, so this trains me too, improving my English techniques.

Did you notice how every paragraph gets a bit longer? This definitely shows, how I start enjoying this writing and how the brain-fuck goes away and makes me free. Free as a bird, free as someone who isn’t that stressed as me.

Writing without sense is not nonsense. As far as I understand the words sense and nonsense correctly, sense stands for making sense and nonsense for some kind of lies… But writing just things without sense (writing randomly) is totally not nonsense, because you’re not lying right? 😂

Ok, I think I’m now free of the lock, that shackles my brain. I can now start writing brilliant things again 😄. To not mess up all my posts, I’ll start writing another one… 😂


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