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4 Reasons, I’m So Excited About My First Developer Job

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What motivates me so much

In September, I’ll start working for a local company, who is creating software for other big companies nearby. I’ll do a dual study, so studying computer science at a university (with bachelor degree) and training in parallel at the company (with another degree).

I already did several internships there, each some weeks in school holidays, so I already know a lot of people there and have a basic idea, what they do and how they do it.

In my free time, I also made a lot of experience with developing. I’m a huge Android and Kotlin fan, coded some apps and also made a couple of websites with HTML, PHP, JavaScript and all that other stuff. So I already know how coding things works.

But knowing how to do things (in other words: coding) is not all of developing. Developing is much more, like analyzing the customer requests, designing the software and also testing it, so that it works reliable.

1. Reason

I want to learn all that and how I can do it professionally, so that I can provide the company a value and actually help solving problems. I’m kinda sick of just solving my own problems with my little apps.

2. Reason

I want to work together with other smart people, creating real things with them and experience what it is like to reach something with a team. Of course I can do, and I also did, projects with other people already, but it is a bit difference doing it virtually than IRL.

3. Reason

I want to start a career, start having an actual job title, a CV, that includes more than just my school history and competition awards. And not to hide, earning money and having an own income is an important point too.

4. Reason

I want to work in a job, that has a great impact on and importance in the future. The IT branch is booming and I want to be part of creating a more modern world.

And till September, I want to discover the world by traveling by train through Europe ;)


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