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6 Reasons to be Addicted to Morning Runs

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What I learned from running in the morning

I’m about to change my life. And an essential part of my changes is running every morning. Without exception. At the beginning about 5 km. Wake up at 6 AM, put on running clothes, snack a little bit and off you go! I’ve only done this three times so far, but I’ve already realized why morning runs are so addictive:


Isn’t it more of a burden when other people are crossing the path everywhere, when you have to stop for cars all the time, or when the dog leash or the barking dog interrupts the running flow?

When you walk in the morning, these problems are much less likely. You have your silence, you can concentrate on running, think about God and the world, or what you want to achieve during the day. Just use the time for yourself while everyone else is still lazily rolling around in bed and pressing the snooze button on the alarm clock.

Morning breeze in summer

Especially in summer it is more pleasant to do physical exertion when the air temperature is still acceptable and the sun is not yet burning so much on the head. It’s cool and the sweating is not too bad. Use that time!

Full power into the day

Are you rather sluggish in the morning and can’t do anything without your coffee? Will you roll back and forth dozens of times before you can even get up? Yawning uninterruptedly? If you overcome your inner bastard and walk in the morning, you will get into direct movement and are also highly motivated for the following hours. Show the other people that the early bird catches the worm.

Successes before breakfast

If you run before breakfast, you can be proud of yourself because you have already reached the first goal of the day. This achievement will guide you through the day and drive your quest for success. Take your to-do list and cross one after the other, because you’re not a loser who prefers to keep procrastinating instead of reaching goals.


If you hold on to your plan of running in the morning, you can show the others that you are a hustler. They will admire you and praise you, because they themselves are not able to do what you do. You have a stronger will and you are convinced that success is only a mindset.

Free evening

If you don’t run in the morning, you have to run at night. But wouldn’t you rather do something else in the evening? Go out, watch movies or party? If you run in the evening, you would have to choose between running and the other fun things. But not when you run in the morning.

So set your damn alarm to six and go run!


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