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4 True Reasons to Go to a Talk where You Don’t Understand Anything

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Learning never stops

I went to a technical talk where I didn’t understand anything. Almost nothing, just a little bit. Why am I doing this to myself? Do I have nothing better to do in my free time to spend my time with such activities?

Nope, I have many better things to do! I went there to learn and network. But mainly learning. After all, learning is a process that never ends and why not deal with topics that you don’t have a clue about at the beginning?

Here are a few reasons why you should never stop learning:

It’ll come in handy someday

You can never know what the future will bring. What kind of job you got in ten years? What topics will be on the agenda? What will be the current problems to be solved?

Even if you are attending a talk where you don’t really understand something, maybe it will come in handy that you have attended this lecture. That you have dealt with this subject, although it may seem uninteresting or pointless at the moment. You will have experience that others do not have. You will be able to use this knowledge.

You mature personally

By dealing with complex topics you will never forget learning. You remain in the constant willingness to absorb new knowledge without first questioning the meaning.

This will allow you to mature personally, also because it is easier for you to discover new interests that may have been hidden deep inside you. Maybe you find by chance your latest favorite hobby (or your profession?) and you’re angry at having wasted so much time so far.

You meet new, exciting people

Why not use the opportunity to meet some new people and build connections? Maybe you will meet people who are enthusiastic about new topics, people who can help you find your dream job, or people with whom you can have a good conversation. In any case, it’ll be worth the time you spent.

You will feel well and happy

These circumstances will make you a happier person. Because you use your life more than others who prefer to watch Netflix instead of attending interesting talks. But it will also be fun to know a lot, because maybe you can impress someone with it. 😉


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