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5 Easy Steps to Become a Morning Runner

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Get started quickly

You also want to try out running in the morning, because you heard about all the great things? But you can’t do it because your motivation is too low in the morning and you’re going to go straight back to bed after waking up or because you don’t even manage to get up by yourself at this early time and keep pushing the snooze button?

I will show you these five steps with which you will become a real morning runner and which will help you to overcome your inner bastard:

1. Prepare your clothes before you go to sleep

This is an important thing, because if you don’t have to look for your running socks or training suit in the morning, you will need less time and you will have fewer excuses for not getting up and running. So find everything together the night before and place it as close as possible to the bed.

2. Go to bed early

So that you can get up in the morning at all and not be totally weak because of fatigue, it is of course also important that you get enough sleep and for that you have to go to bed in time and must not watch Netflix until midnight.

3. Place the alarm clock on the other side of the room

If you don’t (yet) have the discipline to really get up when the alarm clock rings, this method is quite effective. To prevent you from using the Snooze button in the morning, place the alarm clock on the other side of the room. Because that’s how you have to get up and leave your warm, cosy bed to put an end to the noise. Also, use this opportunity to put on your running clothes.

4. Eat something small and drink a lot

Running on an empty stomach is not really pleasant and you will notice it quickly when your stomach growls loudly and you become weak. So eat something small, about half or a whole banana, and drink a lot of water so that you don’t collapse from lack of energy or dehydration, because the run should not end in the hospital, right?

5. Go running

Even if you have done all the previous steps, the most important thing is still missing: you have to run. Lace up your shoes, turn on motivating music, start GPS tracking and off you go!

Have fun!


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