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3 Essential Parts of an Energizing Morning Routine

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How the Morning Influences the Whole Day

About two weeks ago I decided to change my life. I wanted to use my time more effectively, to be less procrastinating and to create things. For this purpose I decided to get up every day at six o’ clock in the morning and run a round. How only the overcoming, in spite of fatigue and lack of desire to get up, brings energy to my whole day, you can read here:

1. Sufficient Sleep

But getting up at 6 a. m. every morning, for example, requires a reasonable amount of sleep. You won’t be able to get through your probably more power-intensive routine every morning watching movies on Netflix until 2:00 a. m. Go to bed on time and preferably every day at the same time. After all, training makes it much easier for your body to get used to the rhythm and you will also notice that you can fall asleep much better.

And isn’t your time spent with Netflix at night not much better invested in an energizing morning?

2. Success in the Morning

Having success in the morning is the magic weapon to have a positive feeling and energy all day long. If you achieve something in the morning, you are in a successful state of mind. The success encourages you to continue to fight and become even more successful. You come to work in a good mood and instead of getting bored checking your mails, you immediately start doing something productive.

It doesn’t matter whether you run in the morning or do yoga. What matters is that you’ve done a thing you can cross out of your to-do list. And if you do that every day, it’s a routine thing and it’s less and less difficult for you to get out of bed and go into action.

It’s a good feeling to be able to say at breakfast that you have already reached a goal today.

3. Self-reflection and planning

Use the morning when no one else is awake but you. Think about what you want to achieve today, what needs to happen so you can say in the evening, ”This day was a good day”. Make a plan when to do what.

But also reflect on what has happened in the last few days. How you have come closer to your goals, what new goals have emerged, how it stands with the relationships to your fellow human beings or how your mood is.

If you know what you want to achieve today, you’ll waste less time.

So if you want to get used to a morning routine that brings you energy, you should pay attention to these three important elements. Make a fixed plan of your routine and follow it consistently for at least a week before you look back and think about how your everyday life has changed. If something doesn’t work out so well, think about what you need to change.

And note that the positive effects you want to achieve through this routine will only occur if you don’t allow yourself any excuses and exceptions, for example because you think you are too tired or not in the mood. In order to maintain such a routine, you need a strong will that is strengthened by keeping it.


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