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The Top Strategy for Enough Article Ideas

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How do I get my article ideas?

Finding good ideas for articles can be a pain, especially if you often suffer from the well-known writer’s block. But how is it possible to find enough ideas to write and publish a new post every day?

With the right technique, you can save the ideas, which sometimes just happen to come by chance, and use them later. Here’s a quick guide:

Write down the ideas directly when they come up

Ideas for article topics often come, at least for me, when I don’t expect them at all. For example, when I cycle through the park, I have one idea after another, but when I’m sitting at my desk and want to write an article, I just can’t think of a single one.

But to keep these good ideas, I have to write them down immediately. I use the to-do app Todoist, in which I create a new entry for every idea. In addition, this has the advantage that I can check this entry after I have written the article.

But how do I get ideas?

I have found out that I often have ideas when I’m more relaxed. For example, when I’m cycling at a comfortable pace or showering after a run. The important thing is that the head is free, so you don’t think about anything.

You also need to be aware, especially if you don’t have so much blogging experience, that it’s very hard to force an article idea. Sure, you can respond to comments on old articles, express your opinion on posts posted by other bloggers, but you won’t find it easy to get a more creative or unique idea.

You have to get into a state and allow the ideas to come to you, not you to them. And then you have to catch them in the right moment.

And also, if you think now that you might get into this state by loitering on the sofa and looking Netflix, mistakenly thought. Because if your brain gets input all the time through consumption, it’s much too busy to process this information than it can generate ideas.

If you follow this strategy, you should have no problems finding enough ideas to write an article every day. The only thing that still counts then is persistence… 😉


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