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5 Bullshit Excuses Not To Run in the Morning

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There are no excuses!

When people are afraid of change and effort, they usually look for excuses because they want to avoid the potentially unpleasant effects and prefer to live their comfortable lives. But efforts are needed to improve. Success is often not luck, but the result of hard work.

When it comes to running in the morning, a very high degree of self-discipline and a strong will is required. Those who have not yet experienced all the positive aspects of morning runs may be scared of the time of day, loss of strength or cold weather.

Here are the five worst excuses for not running in the morning:

1. Too early

Maybe one of your reasons not to run in the morning is the time? That’s bullshit! If you go to bed early enough, you can get up sooner. How about you go to bed at 10:00 in the evening instead of after midnight? Then you can get up in the morning so that you have enough time to walk before work or whatever you do.

2. Not fit enough

No one is born “fit”. Fitness is the result of long training. Training that you do regularly and that you are trying hard. Even for experienced runners, running in the morning may be a challenge at the beginning, but exercise builds strength and at some point you will feel “fit” in the mornings too.

Don’t start right away with a marathon in the morning, but with a track that is feasible for you. But increase slowly so that you keep improving your level.

3. Not the right weather

Is it too cold to you in the morning? Then put on something warmer! There are also suitable clothes for all weather conditions. And don’t regard difficult conditions as a burden, but as a challenge. Because if you manage to handle these conditions, then you’ll be even more successful in simpler conditions!

4. No time

If you don’t have time to walk, what do you have time for? To watch TV? To be lazy on the couch? Often lack of time is only a question of setting priorities. Make a plan in advance and surely you will find about half an hour per day in the morning to make a small run. 30 min is only about 2% of the day! Think about what you’re wasting your time on and whether it would be better invested in running.

5. Too boring

Are you too bored to run? Find a companion and it will be much more fun! Or listen to your favorite music or listen to exciting audio dramas. I personally like to hear motivational speeches from “Fearless Motivation”.

Excuses are the runner’s greatest enemy! To be successful, it is important that your willpower is stronger than the greatest excuse. Or do you also want to be a quitter and achieve nothing in life? Do you want to live the boring, average and simple life? No? Then make it through!


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