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I Almost Failed

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About my life change, part 1

I thought I could be a beast if I just wanted to. I thought I could do anything with enough willpower. I had a plan. I followed him for seven days. But now I’ve reached a point where I need to rethink. Because there is one thing that is more important than achieving your goals: your health.

So what has happened?

Before I come to explain why I have to change my plan, a short overview of how the first days of my “new life” went.

Regarding the running, I managed to follow the plan strictly for 7 days without exception. Every working day I got up at 6 a. m., ate a little something (e. g. a banana) and was then dressed at 6.15 a. m. and ready to go. Saturday and Sunday I got up at 7.30 a. m. Afterwards I ran then between 4 and 6 kilometers and almost every day afterwards I got bread rolls for the “real” breakfast at the bakery.

It was a really good feeling and I had so much motivation that I wrote some articles about the topic of morning runs myself.

But in my planning, I forgot or ignored something. In addition to running, I also do rescue swimming once a week (on Monday) and this involves a lot of effort. I ran according to plan on Monday morning and went swimming in the evening. Tuesday morning I should have run, too. But my health has more or less ruined my plans and made me rethink my plan, so I have to make a compromise.

On Monday evening and Tuesday morning, in addition to exhaustion due to physical exertion, I had some inexplicable headaches and so I will only run Tuesday afternoon / evening to have a bit of relaxation. But I’m gonna run on Tuesdays. Because I run every day and only make an exception in the worst case of emergency and I am far from it.


Take your health seriously. It doesn’t help if you follow your plan strictly every day, but end up collapsing from exhaustion. Listen to your mind and come up with a compromise. Not a compromise that is on the side of your laziness, but is oriented towards getting closer to your goal.

How I Am Changing My Life


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