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What’s the Purpose of Life?

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How do I gain insight?

What is the meaning of life? That’s the question I keep asking myself in the last few days. Is it leaving a legacy? Improving the world? Or is it happiness?

If it’s leaving a legacy, what kind of legacy is that? A world-changing invention or money? Children?

If it is world improvement, what should I improve? Are the things I consider to be improvement really improvements or not? What can I improve, what am I capable of?

If it’s happiness, how do I become happy? What do I have to do to say that I’m happy? What do I need to own? Do I even have to own anything? Do I have to be in a relationship? Do I have to have a lot of money?

Despite constant consideration, I cannot find a solution. This may be because of my young age, my low experience or simply because I’m too stupid for that. But will I ever come to any conclusion, and if so, how? What’s got to happen that it’s gonna ring in my head?


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