What’s the Purpose of Life?

How do I gain insight?

What is the meaning of life? That’s the question I keep asking myself in the last few days. Is it leaving a legacy? Improving the world? Or is it happiness?

If it’s leaving a legacy, what kind of legacy is that? A world-changing invention or money? Children?

If it is world improvement, what should I improve? Are the things I consider to be improvement really improvements or not? What can I improve, what am I capable of?

If it’s happiness, how do I become happy? What do I have to do to say that I’m happy? What do I need to own? Do I even have to own anything? Do I have to be in a relationship? Do I have to have a lot of money?

Despite constant consideration, I cannot find a solution. This may be because of my young age, my low experience or simply because I’m too stupid for that. But will I ever come to any conclusion, and if so, how? What’s got to happen that it’s gonna ring in my head?

20 years old student who writes about everything he cares about.