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When I had to Start Fighting

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About my life change, part 2

About a week ago, I was talking about my current state of my life change. This is the latest status report:

I made plans where I knew that they could be difficult for me and I had the fullest motivation to not fail at first. But as I got used to it more and more, there was the danger of falling into old behavioural patterns. That was the time when I had to start fighting!

So what has happened?

That’s exactly what happened to me. I resigned myself to getting up at 6:00 a. m. every day to go running. It became routine. Alarm clock rings, I jump up, put on my running clothes, eat a little something, drink a few glasses of water and then I run off.

But with the time (i. e. in the second week) it became almost boring. The excitement and motivation that existed in the first few days faded a little. Almost my comfort (a. k. a laziness) threatened to return and subconsciously influence my acting. Instead of 5 km I would have reduced my distance to 2 or 3 km, if I hadn’t found it a pity to give up so fast.

Also the fact that since this week I have been living mostly alone at home and my best friend has cried with me one or the other time, threatened to pull me down a little bit. I started to ask myself the question of the meaning of life, to which I still have not found a satisfactory answer.

With regard to the other goals I have set myself, I can say that I am quite good at it. Thanks to the dual system of study, which accounts for most of the time, I don’t have too much time to waste. When I come home late in the afternoon, there are usually some things to do first (food shopping and so on) and then the evening is already coming closer. Instead of endlessly watching YouTube videos or reading clickable articles, I continue to develop my apps or write and read blog articles.

My eating has also improved. Instead of having fast food every day or eating unhealthy stuff, I go to the university cafeteria every day except Sundays, which is almost right around the corner and on Sundays I cook something for myself (of course, no bag of soup!). Nice to know: I haven’t drunk alcohol for weeks and I don’t miss it either.


Although it can be difficult to change one’s own life, it is worth doing this. Because not only do I learn to appreciate the good times through hard times, but I also realize what I do it for. For a better self. For a healthier life, better fitness and more knowledge. And last but not least, better use of my time!

How I Am Changing My Life


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