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3 Reasons Why I Love to Be Busy

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No matter how crazy it sounds…

You may think I’m crazy and I am out of my mind. But that is not the case, at least I disagree. Because there are good reasons why I like to be busy.

No Time for Negative Thoughts

When you’re busy, you have less time for other things, which may not be great when you’re busy with things you don’t enjoy. But when you have fun and are busy, you also have less time to get bored and the probability of negative thoughts coming up in you is much lower. A really good reason to love it, to be busy.

The Feeling of Having Achieved Something

Isn’t it great at the end of the day when you get into your warm bed, which is waiting eagerly for you, to look back at the day and wonder? To wonder what you have achieved today, how much further you are with your tasks, how much closer you have come to your goals? If you’re really busy because you do things, then that’s an incredible feeling.

Learning and Experiences

If you do things, you’ll learn from them. Through the experiences you have made while you’re busy, you’ll learn so much that you would have missed if you’d been bored. The YouTube or Netflix videos you would have seen while lying on the sofa could never have taught you as much as the things you do. And knowledge is an invaluable asset.

Do you now understand why I say with pride and conviction that I love to be busy?


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