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3 Reasons Why I Ride a Bike Although I Have A Car

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And even though I’m actually quite lazy

I have my own car now. To put it more precisely, a Volkswagen Golf 5 Plus, which is already around ten years old. As a gift from my grandmother for my 18th birthday. It is very kindly that she continues to pay for taxes and insurance (as gifts for the next birthdays and Christmas). But will my life now change with my own car? Will I do less sport, drive my car instead of a bicycle and become more lazy about movement in general?

I don’t think so, because there are still a few reasons to use the bike:

The pain of finding a parking space

Have you ever driven a car in a German city center and tried to find a parking place? No? Then you’re very lucky that you didn’t have to suffer this pain! Because it’s crazy, nowhere a place and if there is one, it’s so tight that you don’t want to park there.

You don’t have this problem with your bike….

The pain of traffic jams

Did you ever drive through the traffic of a German city? No? Then you’re happy that you didn’t have to go through this pain! Everywhere there are red traffic lights or construction sites that cause traffic to succumb, especially in the mornings or afternoons. Nevertheless, we are lucky to have no real rush hour that would make things worse.

You don’t have this problem with your bike….

The pain of fuel costs

Ok, this is not exactly the same as the two above, because this should also apply in other countries for some in my situation. Fuel costs. Fueling is not very cheap and especially when the income is quite small, this can be a greater burden. So what do you do to save fuel?

Take a bike inside the city!


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