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The True Reason Why I Write Almost Every Day

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To anyone who no longer knows why he does writing at all

You set yourselves the goal of writing every day. You do this because you want to have more reach, because you think the Medium algorithm is on your side when you press the Publish button every day. You also do it, even if you don’t feel like making your followers happy with new content every day. You do it for your image, so you can call yourself a writer.

Then, after you’ve gone through this torture for a whole month, you’ll create a new draft with the headline of what you’ve learned from daily writing for a month, add some screenshots to show how much more views and reads you’ve gotten, and how your followers count has shot through the roof. And before you publish it all in a publication with thousands of followers, you add the call to applaud (since there are claps) at the end of the article.

You are hoping from all this to get even more motivation, or to keep up the motivation that you have at the moment to sit in front of your computer every day and to torture the keyboard keys. So that in the foreseeable future you will be able to write an article, like you have published an article every day for half a year or even a whole year, if you have not already been chosen by a big online magazine for a column.

You dream of fulfilling your desire for fame and prestige when you are chosen as Best Writer on Medium. From the fact that companies and publishers are coming to you to enter into cooperations and that you can achieve financial independence through your daily writing.

Because you’re ticking, like everyone else who has noticed that the internet offers them a platform, and there are a lot of people out there in the world who can consume your content.

But do you remember the day you first tried this writing thing when you thought that no one would read your stuff because it would be of no interest to anyone, but you did it anyway and pressed Publish?

Do you remember the good feeling when you first felt how cool it is to put your thoughts in text form, to express your opinion or just to pass on knowledge and experience? It was incredible!

And that’s why I visit the Medium website day in, day out and click on the button to create a new article. The reason why I am not depressed, even if I see that almost no one has seen or even read my latest article or that no one else has followed me today.

It’s the reason why I don’t care about some of the figures that may seem rather sobering. I’m really satisfied, if only one person has read my article. And if that’s just my parents…

And please don’t hate me if I have said something too directly, which may make someone feel uncomfortable…


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