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20 Things Writers Do When They’re in a Bad Mood

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Or what are you doing?

When you aren’t in the right mood to write a good article, what are you gonna do?

  1. Are you gonna sit around and tell yourself you’ll never write again?
  2. Are you wondering what you could write about?
  3. Do you constantly create new drafts, but delete them after a few words?
  4. Are you sitting in front of the paper (or the white monitor) waiting?
  5. Are you writing about the reasons why you’re not in such a bad mood right now?
  6. Are you crying?
  7. Are you talking, telephoning or chatting with your best friend?
  8. Do you think about how you used to cuddle up with your parents when you were a little kid when you weren’t feeling well?
  9. Are you always hitting a pillow to let your emotions run wild?
  10. Do you turn on your laptop and spend the rest of the day watching movies?
  11. Are you going to take your bike and ride a big round until you get some ideas?
  12. Do you check out Facebook or Twitter to see what’s going on with other people?
  13. Do you read any older articles you wrote a year or two ago?
  14. Do you google your name?
  15. Do you use an idea generator?
  16. Are you torturing yourself reading Buzzfeed clickbait?
  17. Do you read old WhatsApp messages and philosophize about how time has changed?
  18. Are you buying unnecessary things from Amazon out of frustration to write about them later?
  19. Are you thinking about how to get back in a good mood?
  20. Or are you doing something completely different?


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