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You Should Be Nice To The People!

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Even if you don’t like them

When I decided to change my life, I also made the decision to live more positively. When I have a prejudiced negative opinion about people or things, I think about them and see if I’m not wrong after all. And most of all, I don’t judge people I don’t really know.

I have to admit, I used to often and gladly blaspheme about others. About classmates I didn’t like, about teachers I found unfair and about people who never did anything bad to me. I don’t know why I did this, but maybe I just wanted to look cool, show myself better by humiliating others or just stand out.

But I learned it the hard way. One day it had clicked in my head and I realized how shitty it is to be the kind of person they talk badly about, spread false rumors or stare at.

And it became even clearer to me when people who weren’t the most likeable to me, helped me out of an unfavorable situation, were nice to me, when I didn’t expect it at all and saved my life in a metaphorical sense. I was so glad not to have blasphemed about them, even though I was close to it a few times.

It is just so important in life to be open to other people and to give everyone a chance and respect. Because no one deserves to be judged. For example, people who have had to leave their home country because of war and persecution are not always bad moochers who want to take away social welfare services.

And even if you can’t imagine it right now, maybe you will eventually depend on those people you may not like or think and talk about badly. Maybe one day you’ll be very happy that they don’t think badly about you or are just being kind.

Sometimes I think it seems to be almost an instinct of people, to judge at times hastily or unjustified. And it’s also okay to make mistakes by accident, but at the end it’s all about recognizing them (by other people’s advice if necessary) and then reflecting on what you’ve done wrong.

And in this sense a pleasant day!


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