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Be There for the People You Care About

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My advice to avoid regret later on

I write this article because I realized that I have behaved partly wrongly. Like shit. To people I really cared about.

And with people that mean something to me, I don’t mean just any girls I like or other people I look after. I mean the ones that really mean something to me, like my family.

I was selfish. I didn’t want to see them suffer. I didn’t know how to deal with my feelings.

I didn’t know that the time would come when they would leave the light of day. That this point in time was closer than expected. That I’d be wasting precious seconds with them by staying away.

That is why I give the following advice:

Do everything in your power. Care about them. Show your heart. Put your own wishes aside, you can still fulfill them. Be there. And even better: Take care of them before they get sick. But don’t give yourself up completely. Handle in a healthy environment. Don’t neglect your other responsibilities. It depends on the intentions.

An example:

A relative has been in the hospital for a few weeks. He’s not feeling well. You’d rather lie at home on the couch and watch some videos, but you’d rather decide to visit him. You even bring him something sweet without him asking for it. By doing this, you’ll show it’s important to you. You show heart. You’re making him feel like he’s not alone. You spend time together with him, of which perhaps not too much remains.


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