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You Shouldn’t Go to Bed Too Late

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A wisdom that life taught me

And yet again I have learned a new wisdom on the hard way. Namely, that you shouldn’t go to bed too late, no matter how awake you are, no matter if you don’t want to go to bed at all, no matter how exciting the movie you watch is.

Two days ago I was running in the evening. Solid 9 kilometers. But after three kilometers, I suddenly felt a strange pain in my knee. Anyway, keep running. Because I don’t want to give up after all. I have set myself the goal of running my first half marathon in no more than one year.

I somehow survived the remaining 6 kilometers and my motivation helped me to survive the rest of my round. I ran in the evening and the sunset was a great experience. I like autumn. On the one hand it’s a pity that the days are getting shorter and shorter and it can be quite cold from time to time, but on the other hand there is the nice colouring of the leaves and sometimes there are still a few rays of sunshine, before it gets even colder in winter.

But well, because of my knee pain I didn’t want to risk making it worse the next day by running a round. I realized this immediately after the run, because I could only hobble through the apartment. And now that it was the weekend, what could have been better than to use the evening a little more, if you don’t have to get up so early the next day, especially since you can’t run anyway. So turn the computer on…

Well, it just turned out to be a few hours too much. And the next day, same thing. Only on the third day, then came the recognition. Why do I feel so weak today? Why am I in bed all the time? Those were the questions I was asking myself…

You shouldn’t go to bed too late! It is simply not worth the fatigue and the bad well-being the following day! Be self-disciplined and admit that the day must end now. You will thank yourself the next morning…


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