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5 Important Things I Learned From Rejection

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And how it is nevertheless possible to achieve your goals

Rejection can be hard. Rejection can make us feel that we have done everything wrong, that nobody likes us and that it would be better to disappear. Rejection is a shitty feeling. But everyone experiences this more than once and I think it is important to learn something from the experiences you gain instead of just focusing on your own misery.

Here are five things I learned by being rejected:

Courage is essential

It often takes courage to do the thing for which we are later rejected. But courage is essential. If we don’t have the courage to try anything in the future, if we don’t have the courage to try to achieve something and instead give up rather than run the risk of being rejected, we will never achieve our goals. We will get more and more negative feelings because we feel angry that we do not achieve our goals, but do not want to be hurt by rejection.

Overcome yourself!

You’re not always the one to blame

Often, it happens that you are not the person who caused the rejection to happen. Sometimes it is simply the circumstances, sometimes it may be factors of which we have neither knowledge nor influence. If it is clear that you are not the person to blame, then you should also stop reproaching yourself.

Not everyone you lose is a loss

Many interpersonal relationships are not made for forever, it is often the case that we have simply been deceiving ourselves in people, cherished false hopes, or let them fool us. When we are rejected by such people, it is sometimes not wrong to give up those people. Example: You, as a boy, run after a girl all the time, but she just treats you like dirt. Forget about her!

Forget the people who aren’t worth it!

Never give up is the key to success

Do you think all successful businessmen are never rejected? Do you think everyone’s totally coming towards them? Often the same thing happens to them as to everyone else, they are rejected. But in order to be successful, however, an important attitude is needed — the will never to give up. If you give up, you won’t achieve anything, but if you keep trying ways to reach your goal, you will someday!

Keep it up!

No matter what happens, you can learn something in the end

No matter what happens, no matter why you’re being rejected, or how shitty you feel afterwards, you always have the chance to learn from it in the end. Understand exactly what went wrong, why you were rejected and how you might be able to take a different approach.

Never stop learning!


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