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Is Success The Result Of Luck?

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What success is about

Many people think that success comes from luck alone. Luck which they have no influence on would determine their fate. It would determine what will become of them, what they will achieve in life, or simply how much money they will earn.

They have dreams. Dreams of permanent vacations, dreams of pure relaxation and of servants who do everything for them. They hope to become rich in the lottery or to become a star by pure chance.

But in doing so, they forget that they themselves can actually have an influence on their success, that they are not dependent on luck and that they actually have no right to complain about missing success, if they do nothing at all about it even if they could.

For me, success is success only if it is the result of hard work. The reward for putting away innumerable defeats, for never giving up, for standing up when life has taken you down, for the passion invested in it.

The work for success is done when no one is watching, when everyone is complaining about their lives, when they are waiting for the one idea that makes them a successful person by miracles from one day to the next, but apparently you don’t need any strength to get over the not so pleasant things, because you know what comes out of it.

Success is achieved the moment you arrive at the goal you’ve been fighting for, for which you’ve given up on Netflix evenings, or for which you’ve already gotten up at 4:30 am. You feel it the moment you realize how good it was to leave your comfort zone, sweat and give everything. When you can prove to anyone who didn’t believe in you what you were capable of.

I don’t think there are secret recipes for success. I don’t think there are any shortcuts, either. Success is achieved by ceasing procrastination, pursuing your dreams unconditionally, sticking to your passion, no matter how difficult or disappointing the path is.


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