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Take a Break To Start Again With Full Power

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There’s No Shame To Take A Breath

When you ask the question of how to achieve success, you will hear the answer that this would be possible through a high quantity. When blogging by publishing articles every day, when running by daily running. But sometimes it’s just bullshit!

This is when quality suffers from quantity. When you notice you just can’t, when you start to doubt whether you have gone a wrong way. Because then it’s time to stop, take a deep breath, collect yourself and then start again with full power.

This is the time when you think again about why you are doing everything you do. Why you blog or why you walk. Because it’s your fucking passion! Because you love it! Because it’s simply awesome!

You don’t take a break because you’re too lazy, you like to procrastinate or you just don’t have enough strength. No, you do it because you collect all your energy to take your passion to the next level. To grow beyond you. And maybe a little bit so you can show it to anyone who thinks you’re a loser. Because deep down in your heart, you know you’re not! You were born to achieve your goals!

So if you’re in this situation where you think you need a break, do it because everything else makes you unhappy!


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