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3 Exciting Things I Learned from Oversleeping Today

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Insights I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise

I overslept for the first time in a very long time. Not because I muted the alarm clock and then fell asleep again, but because I simply forgot to set it at all. Here are the things I have learned (because of everything that happens to me I learn something):

1: The Inner Clock Thing

I always thought my inner clock would actually make an alarm clock completely unnecessary. Because I often wake up about 5 minutes or so before the alarm clock rings. But apparently only if I turned it on…

Maybe I have a sense of when the alarm clock will ring and then wake up just before?

2: Bed Times

I have become accustomed to going to bed at about 10 p. m. and then getting up at about 6 a. m. so that I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. So far, I’ve been able to manage this quite well.

However, as I haven’t been running for almost a week now (which I usually do every day) because I destroyed my knee recently while running, I’m not so tired in the evening that I can’t go to sleep until a little later and also can’t fall asleep so quickly.

Here I have to train myself a little bit more discipline, or I have to restore the health of my knee as soon as possible, so that I can finally run again (I’m really looking forward to it)…

3: Big Time Saving Potential

In the morning I seem to have an enormous potential to save a little more time, which I wouldn’t have noticed without oversleeping. Since I had to hurry a little bit more this morning, I decided not to have breakfast at home and got some food on my way to work.

That would be a really good option, which I could also use other times…

Since the oversleeping was not too critical this morning (now I’m only allowed to go home from work a little later), it was actually good to learn something new. Well, but nevertheless I should check the setting of my mobile phone alarm clock in the future better.


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