I Realized What Really Motivates Me In The Morning

It’s not what you expect

This morning I came to enlightenment. I found out by chance what really motivates me in the morning. Especially when I run. It’s not just running itself, it’s not the fact that I get up when most of the others are still asleep, it’s not the great experience to watch the sunrise live. It’s actually something completely banal.

And I figured it out by not running for a day. (Not because I didn’t feel like it, but only wanted to protect my painful knee.)

It’s the music!

How music has a positive effect on my morning

I like listening to music. I’m not really someone who has to do this all the time and everywhere, for example I usually don’t wear headphones in buses or trams, because I feel weird sometimes, but especially when I’m walking or relaxing I like to listen to a few songs. Or, of course, sometimes during programming.

The genre depends a lot on my current mood or the occasion. When I’m running, for example, I hear a little more powerful music, whereas it’s not necessary when relaxing. But generally my taste in music is more electronic.

Until some time ago, music has always left me quite cold. I have neither moved to the rhythm nor tried to act as if I was singing myself (still a bit weird, right?), but especially during the graduating class trip, my feeling for it has changed. I have also learned to dance (or rather move) in the club and not just stand around. I suppose the alcohol had a hand in it, too.

Now that I run almost every morning, I can do whatever I want while running, because nobody else is outside at this time of the day. So I can move like I wouldn’t if I had to pass people every few meters.

This seems to be quite good for me subconsciously. I can let everything out and it gives me a sense of freedom. It gives me the energy that motivates me and makes me start the day positively.

The music!

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