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Was I Wrong About The Whole Morning Running Thing?

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A few scattered thoughts

Was I wrong about the whole morning run thing? Have I always thought up all the advantages to keep me motivated? Have I possibly even lied to my readers and followers by making false promises? Or is it just that I’m in a mental crisis because I’m bored and I really love being busy?

But what’s wrong actually?

I thought that if I always run in the morning I would be motivated, powerful and creative afterwards. But somehow it’s not like that right now. I feel rather weak, I can’t concentrate very well and I don’t get as many ideas for articles as I did when I didn’t run in the morning.

But I was totally annoyed when I wasn’t able to run in the morning for various reasons, whether it was a thunderstorm or I had to do something else. I really craved to be able to run again in the morning and finally have that feeling again, which you only have when you run in the morning.

It sounds weird, and it seems weird to me too. I don’t know how to look at the morning running. Is it really good for me now, or is it more of a disadvantage for me? Or is it something else that’s causing my mental depression right now?

Maybe it’s also the fact that I’m rather bored at the moment in my apprenticeship because I’m under-challenged, because I want to do something that challenges me rather than the things I’m already able to do by heart.

Nonetheless, I must continue to get to the root of this matter. Maybe I can change the whole situation by bringing a little bit more variety into my morning run, like doing push-ups every kilometer instead of just putting a few kilometers behind me. And by looking for more interesting tasks during my apprenticeship and challenging myself. I am confident 😄.

And thank you very much for reading this post, because it was the only thing I could think of to write something about!


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