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I Like Weekends

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In order to relax

Although I do like weekdays, Although I like to work, Although I do like, To get up in the morning, To do things, To think, To type into the keyboard, To talk in meetings.

I also like to relax sometimes, to listen to music, to watch videos, to read books, to write messages, to eat delicious food, to meet people.

I think relaxation is important. Also for the person who, like me, only feels good when he or she has something to do all the time, who can’t bear to be bored, unproductive, who writes an article at half past ten in the evening, just to have done something productive during the day.

This is my tip: You can relax, even if you always want to give 110%! Relaxation is good for you and you will sometimes only notice this when you really relax. Use the weekend for it! 😉


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