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Worries I Can Actually Laugh About

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Indirect advice to those who think their lives suck

Experiences from the recent past have taught me with my 18 years of age a lot that some people might not learn in their whole life. I have learnt, for example, what a great gift it is to be allowed to live in this world, in a country where there is peace, where I have enough food and drink and where I do not have to fear to go begging on the streets. I have learned to be grateful to accept every day I get older and not take it for granted to have 50 years or more ahead of me.

But again and again I hear about worries that other people seem to have, but I can actually laugh about. About the fear of not having a full score at the next exam in school, having a lecture in front of a small group, or not being dressed nicely enough. Then I always think how good it must be for you to be worried about your outfit. That you should rather appreciate that you have an intact family, people who love you, or that you have the financial resources to not walk around with the same clothes for a whole week…

It may sound nasty, but I want to see how these people cry when something really bad happens to them that is worth complaining about. When they lose a loved one, when they are laid off and have to fight for their lives on the streets, when they are persecuted by violence and risk their lives for the sake of safety.

I also think that such people lose a lot of credibility when they express their condolences to other people who have suffered terrible harm, but then complain about banalities themselves.

It’s not that I didn’t do this myself in the past, but now I have taken note of my naivety. I’ve noticed how stupid such behaviour is, and I apologise.


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