Follow Your Passion

Finding the true activity that fulfills you

Lately I have become quieter here on Medium and generally on my blogs. No one has probably noticed this and I would like to sound the all-clear to everyone else.

However, it’s not because I don’t enjoy writing anymore or anything, but I have recently found ideas for my other passion, programming and development, which I am now pursuing.

And that’s what this short article is all about:

Follow your passion

Maybe sometimes it’s like giving false commitments. I, for instance, wrote an article every day for a while. Maybe because I thought that it would make me better known, that I would become better, that I would go viral. But fuck, I don’t want to write unless I feel like it.

Rather, I have noticed that programming is at least, if not more fun than writing, I have not really been able to do so recently because I have devoted myself more to writing.

So my little advice: Listen into you. Do you do what you spend most of your free time with, really because it is infinitely fun and fulfills you, or more out of commitment?

20 years old student who writes about everything he cares about.