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It was all a misunderstanding

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How the story continued

A few weeks ago, everything looked like our friendship did end. But I’m happy that it didn’t. After around two weeks and after I thought a lot about it, I have overcome my self and texted you again. I confronted you although you were ill, I’m so sorry for that. We both agreed we behaved stupidly, everyone busy with his own lives.

Since then our friendship recovered. I’m now trying to listen to you and asking how you are more.

I really missed your laughing in the long voice messages. I actually missed that voice messages although you always feel bad for making them so long. But I like them and I always listen to them till the end. I also missed your humor. Messaging with you always makes me feel better in some way.

It feels really good to have someone to talk to again. About things nobody else has to know. I also try to better hear to your sorrows now. It feels like ages since we last met last year in October. I’m so excited to meet you again soon, to see you in reality again.

And even if you will read this (which probably won’t happen, because I didn’t tell you about it and because you don’t like reading English articles), I won’t regret telling the internet about how happy I’m about this reunion. 😄


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