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When You’re Busy You Can’t Always Follow Your Favorite Blogger’s Advice

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My new plan


you may haven’t heard from me for a while (I just wrote a few posts in the mean time on my personal blog). Excuse me for doing such a long break from Medium, I should continue blogging also on Medium, even if my schedule isn’t really allowing that. Writing helps me get rid of those things that anger me and are a really good therapy sometimes.

So I’m back now.

And today I also started reading Medium posts again. It feels really strange to read all those advice things again (I used to write things like that too — and may continue doing so) but I also noticed, that I have neglected most of the stuff I learned in the past. Exercising, drinking water, sleeping. Not good. Neither for my body nor for my mind. Shame on me for that.

My excuse: I was busy.

But that’s no good excuse. Even when you’re busy you shouldn’t ignore that your physical state has huge impact on your mental state and could probably help you being less busy. Because when you do things different then all the stuff on your list of things to do (so that you get a bit of change), you are probably more motivated and get your things done faster. I learned that but I didn’t really follow my insights though.

With this post, I set myself a few new resolutions which probably won’t be easy to follow:

  1. I will get up no later than 7:30 in the morning. Every day.

  2. I will go to sleep no later than 22:30 if it’s technically possible (it’s not possible every day because I just get home at 22:30 on some days).

  3. I will go running at least 2 times every week.

So I don’t set my goals too high, because I know, when I don’t have the chance to fulfill them, I will stop following them. I will let procrastination overcome me and I will lose motivation. I will lose control over my life and life will take control over me instead. (And that’s usually not a good thing.) And not to forget, exams in university will start soon and there are a lot of things I need to learn therefor.

Wish me luck and success and expect some progress updates in the coming weeks.



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