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All the Nextcloud apps I use

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These are the Nextcloud apps that are activated on my Nextcloud instance:

  • Accessibility: Has an option to activate a dark theme
  • Activity: It’s really nice to have an activity log of created, changed and deleted files
  • Brute-force settings
  • Calendar
  • Checksum: Lets you calculate checksum of files
  • Deck: I often use this when organizing the learning for exams
  • Deleted files
  • File sharing
  • Gallery
  • Log Reader
  • Markdown Editor
  • Metadata: Lets you see metadata of pictures etc.
  • Monitoring
  • Notes: I use it for all my notes, there’s a great Android app
  • Notifications
  • Optical character recognition
  • PDF viewer
  • Preview Generator: Lets you pre-generate preview images of new photos via a Cronjob
  • Privacy
  • Right click
  • Share by mail
  • Tasks: I don’t really use it, but it may be a good alternative to Todoist and other tasks managers
  • Text: Nextcloud’s new text editor. It’s really nice and supports markdown
  • Theming
  • Versions
  • Video player
  • Viewer


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