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How should I upload files to my Micropub media endpoint?

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The first things I did this year was to create a media endpoint for my Micropub server. It works by uploading files to BunnyCDN via their storage API (great service and easy API!). However, now that I have this endpoint, I would also like to use it. It seems that there is a lack of clients that support uploading media to the media endpoint and then returning me the correct URL. I can use Indigenous to upload photos from my phone, but it seems like other file formats aren’t supported. How am I supposed to create posts with audio or other files? Also Micropublish (the client I usually use on PCs) doesn’t seem to support media at all.

Can someone please give me a tip, which client I should use or do I need to develop my own? Thanks!

Please also remind: My operating system are Linux, Windows and Android. Clients for macOS or iOS are pretty useless to me.

Update: Kristof De Jaeger replied to this post and promised some new features for Indigenous on Android. Thanks a lot! I’m still in search for a desktop solution though. I thought a bit about it and will probably create a basic web interface that allows me to upload any file until there’s better support in other Micropub clients.

Update 2: It seems like Jamie Tanna is in a similar situation. He gave the tip to look at Quill.

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