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It seems like I’m currently a bit obsessed with creating new Go-based projects. Yesterday, I announced my new Telegram channel, where it’s possible to receive notifications about new entries on my blog (I created another channel for the German posts too). First, I tried to use IFTTT, but somehow IFTTT’s behavior is a bit unpredictable and I thought it’s probably easier to just code my own solution. It was only a task of about an hour, but now it works the way I want it to work. To trigger updates on the Telegram channel, I configured my blog build pipeline (I use Drone CI to build and publish my blog) to always make a webhook request to my new tool after the updated site got deployed to the server. I have to say that the Telegram Bot API is a really nice and simple API. Sending a message is done with just a single HTTP call. Although there are a couple of libraries that can do that too, I noticed it’s easier to just write some simple code for the request myself.

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