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💬 Micro: 2020-09-02

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Ru Singh automated her blogroll too.

In July 2020, Jan au­to­mated his blogroll — and this val­i­dated the idea in my head. Now, my own blogroll is au­to­mated as well!

I think I’m not the first one. If I remember correctly, Jan did this already before.

A key dif­fer­ence is that I have my script mark some feeds as recommended based on their feed IDs from my Miniflux reader. Then, these feeds are shown first as “Recommended Feeds,” fol­lowed by all the other feeds in a sep­a­rate list.

That is a very clever idea! Currently there are 68 blogs in the blogs section on my blogroll, definitely confusing for people searching for the best blogs to follow. Problem: I have to pick a few favorites and that’s a really difficult task.


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