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Documenting my stupidity

Published on in 💬 Micro
Short link: https://b.jlel.se/s/43e
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Something stupid happened to me yesterday. On my post with the cake photo I got a few responses and comments that I wanted to look at. But on the smartphone display, I seem to have slightly mis-clicked and accidentally pressed “Delete”. That’s a button that only shows up when I’m logged in.

The post was then deleted and I had to use the hourly database dump to find the entry again and add it back into the database by hand.

To counteract this in the future, I have now created a second deletion step. Now the deletion must be confirmed a second time.

I also now use the European cloud provider Scaleway to store the Docker image (instead of Quay.io). I already use Scaleway for object storage for my backups, unfortunately Hetzner does not offer such features yet.


Jan-Lukas Else
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