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So expensive! 😳

But the BahnCard 100 (2nd class costs 4144€ per year) also doesn’t include every bus/tram, just in selected transport networks. And I don’t know how to think about the price in relation to the country size (same with Austria). Sure, you can travel much larger distances, but there are also more people and you can only travel so much on any day. πŸ€”

I currently have a My BahnCard 50 (for young people – 66,90€ per year), which gives me 50% discount on regular train tickets. But tickets are still expensive. I need to pay around 70€ for each direction to visit my family in Southern Germany. And then trains are often delayed or have technical problems.

I’m still happy with public transport in Germany (in general), but that doesn’t mean that you should be satisfied with shortcomings. 😊

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